Dr.Matt leaves Ice warriors for Blue Miners army

Icebox,Blue Miners Army Empire,Sunday,5:10pmEST,

Since the Blue Miners Army last died ,we have also seen a rise.Konrad being integrated as a leader,Dr.Matt leaving the Ice Warriors for BMA .Dr.,Matt left this post on the Ice warriors site before he left their army.


I interviewed a few people,including Dr,Matt, BMA leader,Cheetahboy,IW mod and Iceyfeet, IW leader and Legend.

Icey’s Interview:

I asked Icey on how he felt about Dr.Matt leaving the Ice warriors.


Cheetahboy’s interview

He seemed confused at first because he didn’t know that Dr.Matt left.


And finally Dr,Matt’s Interview

Dr.Matt seemed positive to keep this army going as he fired and hired a couple new mods and owners.

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As we see the Blue miners army and the Ice warriors army becoming closer,we see another army climbing to the top once again.